Our Procurement services

Buying on behalf of our clients

We provide procurement to a  wide variety of industries including mining ,engineering ,water ,electrical and many more.


Lornhill Group is involved in  several industries including :

Real Estate , Mining , Farming ,Energy ,Healthcare , Security , Roads and Water Infrastructure development.

We supply a variety of products as well as contract and subcontract services for companies ,communities and governments dedicated to service delivery.


We have a team of people who work around the clock sourcing and purchasing hundreds of products on behalf of buyers with cash.

Our consultants work with hundreds of buyers and sellers across Africa and the UK . We ensure that we source and purchase quality goods for our clients ,ensuring that we get the right products at the right value. 

We dont deal in cheap products but the right value for the right products.We believe cheap is expensive. 

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Lornhill Group supplies civil and mining equipment and accessories. We have been contracted by many private and government clients to deliver small and big orders ,these includes Graders , Compacters , ,Generators  and many more.

In cases that a client can not afford to buy equipment for cash ,we will arrange short term and long term rental contracts  with private owners who own the equipment. We will make sure that all equipment is working according to the agreed arrangement and not abused by any parties.


There is a lot of farming activities across Africa and the UK. Both small and large farmers are always in need of  farming equipment and agricultural inputs . 

Lornhill Group works with clients to source and deliver a wide variety of farming inputs and equipment including Tractors ,Harvesters as well as seeds. 

We also assist in finding buyers for a variety of farm produce include ,organic foods , meats and chillis. There is no limit when it comes to agriculture. Every client has a set of different needs  and we would like to make sure that those needs are met.    

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Healthcare is important to all living human beings. While many nations in Europe are doing well ,there is a great need for improvement and development of the healthcare sector in Africa.

Lornhill Group understands the need for  quality healthcare products and services. Our team of procurement officers will source and supply quality health care products. We also develop partnerships with investors, nurses and doctors to establish better health care centres that will serve communities better.


There is a great demand for renewable energy in Africa and the rest of the world.Where and when there is a great demand , they will always be risks of  supply of  poor  products  which will become  a huge loss for the consumers.

Lornhill Group  works with reputable suppliers of  renewable energy products. We can be contracted to procure and deliver on any size of solar projects , even going the extra mile in facilitating installation through trained contracting or  subcontracting service providers,depending on our clients needs. 

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Water infrastructure is vital to sustainable development and growth of communities. According to the United Nation`s  Goal number 6 which says: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is the most basic human need for health and well-being. Billions of people will lack access to these basic services in 2030 unless progress quadruples.

As Lornhill Group we source and supply water products ,from water chemicals to water purification systems for nation-wide roll outs. We also arrange borehole drilling and after service management to ensure our clients are always satisfied.


Electricitity ,whether solar ,coal or hydro-powered , is very important to any developing community or country. Wiyhout electricity ,many sectors will suffer. Sectors like retail , healthcare , food processing ,schools and many more ,all rely on uniterrupted power supplies.

Lornhill Group sources and supplies in bulk all electrical components from  cables , pylons and circuit breakers. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can source and supply on behalf of our clients.