True Investor?

Do you have cash to invest?

At Lornhill Group we have an eye for lucrative investment projects from real estate to mining.  

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For example ,we identified a farmland turned residential area in Harare called Crowhill Views.

Crowhill Views is a prime land next to Borrowdale ,but due to disputes amongst its original partners/developers , the area has ever since received negative  media coverage due to double allocations , several court cases and land disputes about who owns which stand or area. Despite the bad publicity ,we saw opportunities ,came through and marketed the area through , a community website that attempts to give investors an idea about the area. Hundreds of people have bought stands after going on and other reputable property portals.

We are still looking for investment opportunities.You can inquire about our latest investment opportunities in Africa and the UK by sending us an email at 


Inspired by  many gated lifestyle estates in South Africa , Lornhill Group is looking forwad to developing Lornhill Country Estate ,a world class gated estate in the affluent northern suburb of  Borrowdale in Harare , Zimbabwe. Firstly, we are currently trying to unite and motivate a small group of homeowners of about 20-40  who bought stands in an underdeveloped area called Crowhill Views in Harare to put their heads together so that together we can turn this idea into reality. Lornhill Group (Pty)Ltd Zimbabwe will spearhead the project ,financing the real estate investment and infrastructure development. If successful , Lornhill Country Estate will add value to Crowhill Views .    

However , If this plan fails  due to disunity, Lornhill Group(Pty)Ltd Zimbabwe will acquire a big piece of land in Borrowdale through syndicate buying or private funding. Syndicate buying allows buyers to be investors or homeowners who will be able to buy land at a lower shared cost and participate in the development and management of the estate. Lornhill Group (Pty)Ltd Zimbabwe will provide the vision ,direction and leadership through our passion ,skills , network and knowledge .